Feel (and hear and see) the vibration.

Photo by    Derek Story    on    Unsplash

Photo by Derek Story on Unsplash

I experience the world predominantly through vibration and frequency. My felt sense is highly attuned, which means that while I may participate in conversations with you that are, at times, highly eloquent and articulated, what I "hear" the "loudest", is what's being "communicated" through the body. I put quotations around these words because I experience sensory input in multiple dimensions and I'm still convinced that those words fall short in really describing what I experience. I also "see" vibrational patterns, for example. Fun times with my friends include me drawing pictures of what their frequency looks like.

Fun party trick, yes, and also a huge reason why I do the work I do, and why it matters so much to me. For me, coaching and transformational work is about more than just changing your life, bringing in money, building the relationships you deeply crave. To me, it's about transforming your energetic and vibrational structure. Because after all, scientifically, we are all actually just matter.

The language we have defines how we experience our environment, and it's been a bit of a mind-fuck for me on my own personal journey to find language that really pinpoints the full experience of this, because it challenges everything I was taught about the brain and how we sense things. According to all the books, our sensory input can be compartmentalized. According to my experience, this is just a symptom of someone's desperate need to control something that is difficult to understand and is largely still a mystery. It's shockingly easy to limit ourselves based on what we think we know, or what we once read and believed to be true. Sometimes knowing less is a huge advantage; it creates space for us to discover things we couldn't have possibly gotten curious about if we had already decided that the facts were concrete.

As this has been my experience for a long time and there have only recently been studies done on the multi-dimensionality of sensory input, I thought it might be worthwhile to share this article about the now known brain circuit overlap between hearing and touch, knowing that it's entirely likely many of my readers also have this experience, and have yet to either fully understand it, or put it to words.

I also want to give voice to something that is often overlooked about this skillset, one that is common amongst HSPs and empaths.

In our attempts to understand ourselves, we might be instinctively magnifying this multi-dimensionality of sensory input. We may be leading with it as a means to get validation from the people around us, to confirm that what we're feeling in all of its complexity is actually real. What I'm speaking to is honestly a super advanced practice, but because I have personally experienced times where I've gotten lost in this version of my own reality, struggling to connect with others who haven't yet cultivated these gifts, it feels like an important reminder.

What you feel is true and real. You don't need confirmation from others. And sometimes in your attempt to get that confirmation, you are at risk of violating them, neglecting them, ignoring them, or otherwise simply not listening to what they are saying, because you're too busy "hearing" their frequency.

It's possible to zoom out — to feel all the things and to respond to what's going on in the 3D world — and I encourage that. That doesn't make you a muggle or stuck in the matrix or asleep.

It makes you a master.