About Antesa

Equal parts heart-agent, truth-bearer, and genius-evoker, Antesa's magnetic and deeply rooted energy brings about the sort of fundamental transformation that not only sustains itself, but perpetuates continued growth.


Her professional background spans over 12 years in the financial industry, where she dutifully climbed the ladder quicker than most at first, before she got fed up by corporate politics and began making inexplicable quantum leaps, launching key projects, spearheading new initiatives, and cultivating influential leadership all around her for most of her career.

After feedback in 2013 that she had a natural gift for mentorship and coaching, she got certified to be a coach, and just like falling in love — slowly at first, and then all at once — her life became consumed with unfolding the true essence in everyone and everything around her.

In 2017, she left her career in finance to pursue the full-time curation of human-centric innovation and emotional intelligence training with individuals and businesses that are ready for radical, fundamental, self-perpetuating transformation.

Antesa is devoted to fostering a widespread reclamation of what innately exists in each and every human, and to creating a society that is agile and integrated enough to keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape of the digital era.

Her offerings are flexible to meet your needs, and span from intimate virtual coaching circles, bespoke individual intensives in Copenhagen, emotional intelligence workshops and transformational programs for corporations, to entirely tailored 1:1 coaching packages.

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