You are not too much. In fact, the world needs MORE of you.

What if I told you that you already have everything you need?

The process of unpacking your gifts is way easier than it sounds, but there's a reason most people who are making massive leaps in their lives hire coaches and go all in.

We all know we can't see our own blindspots — hence the name — but also what we can't see is where we've hidden really awesome shit in our shadows because someone once responded negatively to us being our fullest expression of selves.

Want to know what kind of stuff I hid in my shadows?






Those don't sound that bad, do they? I don't think so either, but there was a time where I had lots of insecurity and judgment around those things.

So I replaced them with a sort of subdued stoicism that wasn't fooling anyone except maybe myself, and in turn was repelling the types of connection and experiences I deeply yearned for.

I only let those more "risqué" parts of me out when I drank or in uncalibrated moments where I lost control, and then I might get the connection and experiences I wanted, but would immediately sabotage it the moment I sobered up and got awkward and aloof again.

As it turns out — and you probably won't be shocked — these are the traits that now make me the most compelling and magnetic. And I don't need alcohol to access them because they have been fully realized and integrated. But only because I explicitly unpacked them (with a shitload of help, attention, and care).

So what I want to say to you is this: I know where you're at. I see you. And you are not too much, actually. You are robbing the world of your genius every single moment you spend NOT being more of *you* in this moment.


And it's not the powerful statement you think it is to do it all alone. That's the part of you that wants to keep punishing yourself for being too much talking. Being self-sufficient is no longer something that deserves bragging rights in my eyes (though it used to be, for me, too): it's in our willingness to partner with someone and receive their reflection, and take on the intimacy and vulnerability that entails, that gives us access to our own power.

I'm filling up my 2019 calendar with VIP days, which, for all you quick starters and rapid launchers out there, is a great compressed way to rapidly change your experience of reality into the one you're long overdue for, in a very short period of time.

Because I bring my clients in close to my heart, I want to be clear that this is not a program for everyone. But it is a program for you if we're both a hell yes and if you are totally ready to launch.

Think that might be you? Fill out an application and let's have a complimentary Discovery Call to see if we're a go.