Antesa Jensen

My Exclusive Offerings


Virtual Coaching Circle

Get clarity on your vision for yourself with a tribe of motivated and inspiring humans from around the world who are committed to growth, accountability, and self-discovery.


Transformational Bodywork

Embodied — facilitated — meditation to increase your somatic intelligence (body awareness), so that you can feel more calm, present, and at ease in your daily life.



Ready to launch? Immerse yourself with me for a full day and start making quantum leaps toward the life you want to be living — immediately.


The ripple effect

A 12 month coaching program designed specifically for coaches and transformational leaders who aspire to make six figures while having a real and reverberating impact on the world. Get serious about transforming lives, and get paid for it.


1:1 coaching

Ready for a deep dive? This program is for powerhouses who want the confidence to be unapologetically themselves and trust that their lives, and their careers, will be better because of it.


adventure awake

For businesses, leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers who want to unlock their innate human capacity to innovate through bespoke transformational experiences.