Copenhagen, Denmark

Immerse yourself with me for a full day and start making quantum leaps toward the life you want to be living — immediately.


A VIP Day with me is a great opportunity to take off quickly and potently. We’ll spend a full day in Copenhagen deeply immersed in a coaching intensive together where we’ll cover the full landscape of your immediate growth potential.

You’ll finish the day with powerful tools to dismantle the patterns that have been haunting you for years so that you can begin to make lasting and impactful changes in your daily life that matter to you, realigning you toward the direction you want to be going. In short: you’ll have a felt sense of your inner compass, and will know what to do in order to constantly come back to that, anytime you get lost.

Quantum leaps abound, most of my clients leave these experiences looking years younger as they effortlessly drop off the extra baggage that is no longer serving them. They feel instantly lighter, and get home ready to run.

VIP days include two follow-up coaching calls over the following month for integration, closure, and to discuss next steps.