Copenhagen, Denmark

Embodied — facilitated — meditation to increase your somatic intelligence, so that you can feel more calm, present, and at ease in your daily life.

Transformational Bodywork

"What is a transformational bodywork session?"

Well, it's sort of like a massage, insofar as there is a massage table involved, and my hands will be on your body.

Unlike standard massage, we will be working directly on places you may not even know you are holding a lot of blocked energy, or are causing you pain, and not just superficially all over. Sometimes that work includes gentle hand to skin contact, and sometimes it involves my elbow deep in the spot that needs release, and supported stretching or movement. The session is about YOU, what your body wants and needs in that moment, and we work together within your capacity so that you leave with everything fully integrated.

"Why should I do bodywork?"

In my experience, MOST people have advanced so much in their minds that they have either left their bodies far behind, or there is a disconnect between their mind and their body. I help bridge the gap so that what you are "communicating" is the same thing as what you are saying.

These sessions are also a tangible way to begin to understand what coaching with me is like. While I work energetically on embodiment and integration with all of my coaching clients, whether or not we're in physical contact, it's powerful to work with the more hands-on approach as a first step. True coaching cannot really begin until the body is all caught up, anyway.

"Why do you offer bodywork? What inspires you about it?"

I consider these sessions embodied meditation practices for my clients, where the aim is to increase their somatic intelligence (body awareness) so that they can feel more calm, present, and at ease in their daily lives.

Each session is totally different, and my clients always leave deeply landed in their bodies, and significantly more at ease with themselves.

I get incredibly inspired by the results that happen in such a short period of time. And, it's a way for me to really demonstrate the power of the space beyond words, so that my clients can learn to build greater levels of trust in themselves and their inner-knowing, and the parts of them that exist beyond their powerful intellect.

But don't trust me, listen to what one of my clients has to say about it:

"Antesa’s bodywork sessions have been a truly incredible process. Antesa has helped me get more in touch with the internal energy and emotions that are in my body as well as establishing a language for describing this inner work. For me, bodywork has kick-started my learning journey towards authenticity in everything that I do and in my relationships with others. Highly recommend giving it a try if you’re curious in this space!" - Marie Louise V. Schmidt, Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry