Antesa Jensen comes from a storied background, from growing up with a difficult childhood rife with trauma and chronic illness, to thriving in a successful 12 year career in investment banking, and then eventually, following her heart into creating and building a flourishing and innovative business as a speaker, transformational teacher, and emotional intelligence expert and coach.

Antesa has been invited by organizations, media publications, and podcasts from all over the world to talk about her journey and imbue the wisdom she has gained and embodied along the way to those seeking growth and expansion. She evokes and conjures genius and intrinsic inspiration in her audience through an invitation to draw upon their inward journey and personal experiences, discovering untapped inner wisdom through story-telling and experiential and interactive engagement. Antesa’s voice lovingly activates her audience to find the necessary self-driven empowerment to embark — and continue — on lifelong transformational journeys of their own no matter their background or perceived barriers.

Antesa loves building bespoke keynotes and workshops that meet the specific needs of her audience, and will work with you in creating an event that inspires your team, organization, and community into action. She is especially skilled at ushering her clients from inspiring idea through to practical application in hybrid TED-style talks combined with experiential workshops. Some example topics and themes are:

  • How to cultivate our innately human skills amidst the rise of the digital erA

  • How to be curious and cultivate a beginner’s mind, unleashing creativity

  • Hacking triggers and breaking through limiting beliefs, unlocking personal power

  • Using feedback and radical honesty to create connection, build community, and transform company culture

Antesa is available to work with you and your organization in Greater Copenhagen, throughout Europe, and in the US.

Download her Speaker and Workshop Kit here.


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