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A 12 month coaching program designed specifically for coaches and transformational leaders who aspire to make six figures while having a real and reverberating impact on the world. Get serious about transforming lives, and get paid for it.

The Ripple Effect

Are you ready to launch your transformational business?

Do you aspire to be a six figure (USD) coach who is actually changing lives?

As it turns out, there’s more to it than sales, business plans, funnels, and mastering the law of attraction. I know from personal experience.

Yes, being able to close sales matters, but if the quality of your skill as a coach or transformational teacher doesn’t back the price tag, you’ll leave a trail of dissatisfied customers in your wake who will impact the future of your business.

I have been running a successful six figure business for three years with a long list of clients whose lives have been fundamentally changed, and I launched without a website, without a business or marketing strategy, and without a funnel.

Want to learn how I did that?

Eight spots are available for a 12 month coaching program beginning March 1st, 2019 designed specifically for those of you who know you’re powerhouse influencers in the making, and who are sure you’re here to make a real and reverberating impact on the world.

The program will be a mixture of individual and group coaching, teaching, coaching feedback and review, transmission of tools and resources I have used over the past three years to run a successful six figure coaching business, and an Adventure Awake trip to Morocco, exclusively for this group for hands-on sales training, fine tuning, and to put it all into practice in the real world.

For the duration of this program, you will have unlimited access to everything I know about being a powerful, successful coach, including the embodiment of my own broad ranging investments in transformational programs and mentorships that I have participated in with some of the biggest leaders in this work over the years.

And most importantly, you’ll be deeply immersed in an intentional and devoted community of other powerhouses like you, who will be cheering you on as you launch fully into your purpose.

This program is not for everyone. It’s exclusively for people who are done fucking around and want to get serious about transforming lives and getting paid for it.

And it all starts with you. So, are you ready to launch?

Click the button below to set up your complimentary Discovery Call and let’s find out!