—  What my clients are saying.

—  Dave Burns, The Business Monk

Antesa is a world-class teacher with an astonishing understanding of the practical applications of personal growth principles. 

She is not another theorizer. She is not another armchair coach. She walks the talk. 

Which is saying a lot, because her talk does not fuck around.


—  Emma Andre, Vital Mamas

Antesa is a fantastic coach. She's done "the work" herself, and she knows exactly how to guide you with yours. There're a lot of coaches out there, but very few with the true expertise and abilities that Antesa has honed. Her honest, direct approach, and ability to hold a safe container for both individuals and groups is unlike anything I've experienced before. The kind of insight you will gain in working with her will bring such flow and ease into your life it will feel like coming home to yourself in the most profound way. Invest in yourself and work with her - you won't regret it.


Jenna Levesque, Jenna Levesque Artistry

Since having started working with Antesa, I feel more grounded, aware and excited for myself. I have learned how to differentiate my emotions versus my worth and what I’m really bringing forward into the world. It’s given me countless ideas, business & personal, that I’m working to bring into fruition. It’s Inspired me to get inspired by myself again which has been really important. To have the practice of being able to stand in my own power and truth and know that I have something important that the world needs. 


— Jennifer Marconi

Meet Antesa Jensen. This powerful loving human being has helped me with stripping away my story by doing coaching and transformational bodywork. My past. My ptsd. 

My experience with Antesa was unforgettable. Painful at times, but I strolled out of our work together more peaceful than I could have ever imagined. I also entered a deep meditative state I️ haven’t achieved in a long time. Enlightened to the beauty of the world and that bliss is a state of being not a feeling.

Antesa is a healer and I invite all of you and the world to meet her. She will guide you to help transform your life, from the inside out. From her heart, to yours.


— Arielle Brown,

Before I began working with Antesa, I was already incredibly devoted to my personal and spiritual growth path. I was drawn to working with her because of her clear, grounded, and powerful transmission of authenticity and devotion to her craft. She is an amazing woman who is walking her talk in a big way in the world. It takes a lot for me to be genuinely impressed by someone's integrity and embodiment of their purpose, and she is the real deal.

I feel how my confidence in myself as a human being, and especially as a woman desiring to make a significant positive impact in the world has grown as a result being in connection with Antesa.