Antesa Jensen

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It's with trepidation and a little bit of good old fashioned terror that I share with you that I'm launching a podcast. Why the terror and trepidation? Because this podcast is one of those projects I've been sitting on for a couple years, finding lots of convenient reasons to not actually move forward on it. And now I finally am.

What's the podcast about? It's about real life.

In the transformational/enlightenment/human potential world, there is often a lot of focus on ridding our lives of obstacles. But the reality is, obstacles don't ever go away. No matter how many awakenings we have, problems still arise, and it's our capacity to use important integrative tools that determines whether we keep growing in the face of each new teacher. One of those tools for me is pretty basic: accepting reality.

Long before I became a coach, I had a phrase I would say to myself when I was on the fringes of the unknown: "This is Real Life." It was my way of accepting reality, allowing myself to expand in the face of it, no matter how joyful or painful the experience itself was.

The podcast will be comprised of personal stories from my life that have served to challenge me to stretch and open wider, to learn, to grow, and to surrender to the more that is invisible but always available to us in our lives. To enthusiastically embrace real life.


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Antesa comes from a storied background, from growing up with a difficult childhood, to thriving in a successful career in investment banking, and then founding transformational travel company, Adventure Awake.

She has been molded by the deeply challenging and life-changing experiences in between. Antesa has been invited by organizations, media publications, and podcasts from all over the world to talk about her journey. By motivating and inspiring the audience to draw upon their inward journey, she helps them make transformational and sustainable change in life.

Antesa works with you to inspire your team, organization and community with keynotes and workshops. She focuses on:

  • How the future of technology requires us to cultivate our innate human skills

  • Using our external environment to evoke lasting internal transformation

  • Why embracing personal responsibility is a game-changer for everyone

Download her Speaker Kit here.


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