Copenhagen, Denmark

Immerse yourself with me in person and start making quantum leaps toward the life you want to be living — immediately.

Transformational Intensives

A Transformational Intensive with me is an exclusive opportunity to take off quickly and potently. We’ll spend a weekend, five days, or seven days together in Copenhagen where we’ll cover the full landscape of your immediate growth potential with the intention of activating all of it on site.

You’ll complete your experience with powerful tools gained experientially that will serve to dismantle the patterns that have been haunting you for years so that you can make lasting and impactful changes in your daily life, for the rest of your life.

Along with immersive daily coaching and healing work with me, these intensives also include participation in experiences with members of my extended network, including various modalities of embodied healing with practitioners I trust, ritual and ceremonies, sound journeys and sound healing, community engagement, and other local experiences unique to the region.

Quantum leaps abound, most of my clients leave these experiences looking years younger as they effortlessly drop off the extra baggage that is no longer serving them. They feel instantly lighter, and get home ready to run.

All intensives include preparatory and integrative coaching before and after our in-person work together, and full containers vary depending on the length of intensive and the individual needs and desires of each client.