You don't need to know how. You just need a vision.

Photo by    Kelly Sikkema    on    Unsplash

When a young child boldly announces that he wants to build a rocketship to the moon, he does not first evaluate his resources.

He is living in the idea of it, and creating in real time.

As he unfolds his vision, he discovers that the couch cushions from the living room will make an excellent base.

The kitchen chair becomes his seat, and wood beams from the yard — leftover from when his parents built a fence last summer — make for a powerful frame for the rocketship itself. Sheets from his bed become the covering and enclosure.

He uses whatever he can find to decorate his rocketship, improvising as he goes, driven purely by imagination. In that process, he discovers his resources.

While his rocketship may not actually be functional, the point remains that in the pure interest of creating, he is unwilling to stay stuck in the evaluation phase of wondering if he actually has the resources to make his vision become a reality.

He just begins to build, and his vision evolves as he goes.

We tend to cover up this essential skillset that all children possess as we age. We allow ourselves to be informed only by what we already know, and we make decisions about our future based on tools and resources and realities that — the moment they pass through our awareness — live in the past.

But your capacity to be driven by imagination didn't go anywhere; it's merely dormant. And you have the power to awaken it.

You don't need to know how. You just need a vision.

Your vision need not be clear. If you don't know what you want outside of you, If you're unclear about where you want to build a rocketship or a business or a relationship that captures your whole heart. Start with how you want to feel inside of you. After all, that is the only guiding force you really need to get going.

It’s perfectly normal to experience some paralysis in the “how” - we’ve lost our ability to trust our unknown resources and move forward anyway. If you’d like to learn more about how to live your life in flow, uninterrupted by what you don’t know about your own capabilities, I’d love to support you in your journey toward the deeper levels of resilience that are your birthright. Reach out to me directly and let’s start the conversation.