You are dying.


You are dying 

This is reality. 

From the moment you were conceived you’ve been (albeit very slowly) headed toward your death bed. 

I say this not to ignite scarcity of time in you, but rather, to help you see how valuable each moment of your life really is. 

What are you spending this precious time doing? How are you spending it being? 

We “spend” time in the same way we spend money and spend energy. It is by far our greatest resource. And yet it is limited.

What are you investing your time in? 

Waiting for someone else to tell you how to live?
Waiting for someone else to change?
Suppressing your dreams and biggest desires?
Being resentful?
Being unhappy?
Thinking that there is never enough time/money/energy?

You are dying.

And you have a choice.

How are you choosing to live?

Antesa Jensen