Why do we have bodies?

Photo by    Jean Sabeth    on    Unsplash

Photo by Jean Sabeth on Unsplash

If the body is only 0.00000001% matter, why don't we just dismiss that tiny figure and launch ourselves straight into the mind, the astrals, and universal intelligence directly?

Here's what I experience to be true:

We aren't given bodies on accident. We aren't given access to that 0.00000001% matter so that we can somehow learn to defy it and pretend it's not actually there.

We aren't given bodies so that we learn how to bypass them in favor of the often much more pleasurable experiences of the mind and pure consciousness.

Our bodies are an essential piece of the puzzle.

While we can sit and ponder over the 96% of the universe that is unknown and made up of dark matter and dark energy, and recognize the harsh reality that what we know of our entire existence only makes up 4% of the rest...so far as I see it, it is the relationship between all of these "materials" that is the essential piece demanding our attention.

And our bodies are the tool we need to “measure" it all.

But not for the sake of saying it's measurable and thus exists (which would only be compelling to appease the mind), but rather, for providing us with answers to how it all functions TOGETHER.

The question is not: "What is dark matter made up of and how do we measure it?" or "What is dark energy made up of and how do we measure it?" or "What is matter made up of and how do we measure it?"

The question is: "How do all of these things relate to one another in a very seemingly interdependent way?" and "How do I use my body as a tool to gain a deeper understanding of that?"