We are not incapable.

We think we don't have what we want because we are incapable.

"I'm not courageous enough." "I'm not smart enough." "I'm not wealthy enough." What we want feels too big, too far-fetched, too impossible.

But here's the thing.

Approaching our desires with that mindset is like staring at the base of an enormous mountain and feeling incapable of summiting it.

We give up before we even start the hike.

If it feels huge, it's because it IS huge (at least from your current vantage point).

But that doesn't mean it's TOO huge for you.

If it was too huge, you wouldn't see the mountain.

Our ability to see the whole mountain is directly linked to our capability.

If we were truly incapable, we wouldn't see the whole mountain, we'd only see the piece we were capable of navigating.

This work is *not* about expanding our capability.

It's about expanding our *capacity*.

Image courtesy of Lucas Allmann.

Image courtesy of Lucas Allmann.

Antesa Jensen