What if you tried something different this time?

Photo by  Mikito Tateisi  on  Unsplash

Your heart has just stopped.

By sheer force of will, a defibrillator can be used to make it beat regularly again.

Most heart attacks occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Being revived once doesn't reverse years of harm caused to the body.

Chances of a repeat attack are high without a life overhaul.

We have an expectation that if we exert effort once or twice, we'll get lasting changes in our lives. But when you think about it in terms of a heart attack surviver, you can see how short-sighted this notion is.

Much in the same way:

Organizations think that a re-org or launching a new vision will change years of compounded internal dysfunction and broken processes.

Yo-yo dieters control their way into a smaller pant size in a month, but almost always gain the weight back.

Without discipline, practice, replacing bad habits with good ones, and commitment to the long term impact of changing your life (which could mean changing your job, your friends, your partner, and your wardrobe), there is a high likelihood that after some time, things will slingshot back to normal.

Because being sick, being unhappy at work, being unfulfilled in your relationship, and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is a lot safer than being happy.

Or. You could try something different this time.