It's time to take responsibility for your tidal wave of emotions.

Photo by    Holger Link    on    Unsplash

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

Ladies, it's time to take responsibility for your underground tidal wave of emotions.

For the frustration you pin on your man for not showing up exactly how you want him to, that you know renders him incapable.

For the weight of your "disappointment" that you make about your circumstances or his behavior, that makes it impossible for him to do better.

For your unwillingness to get vulnerable that you make about his emotional unavailability or unwillingness to hold space.

For the resentment you hold onto long past its due date that sets him up to never be good enough.

For every god damn time you tell him you're fine when you're not, which teaches him to totally ignore you.

For every time you act stoic when you are actually feeling so much that you can't pinpoint just one emotion, which manipulates him into believing he can't trust what he's feeling from you.

For every time you knock him out with your feelings under the radar because you can't bear to soften and share how you really feel.

For putting your attention on making him wrong while simultaneously mastering the nuanced art of diverting all responsibility from you for how you are actively creating him.

If you are a women and you're thinking to yourself, "I never do that" you definitely do.

How do I know?

Because every single woman on the planet does this, or has done it (even the most advanced women I know).

The good news is: we can undo it. Starting now. By taking responsibility and by showing up differently. By recognizing that our men are reflecting us. By allowing our men to be brilliant.

Ask me how. Let's get practical.

I love you.

If you’d like to learn how to better transmute your ocean of emotions, let’s talk.