Surrender. Say Yes. Go.

Image courtesy of  Pixabay .

Image courtesy of Pixabay.


Welcome to Somatic Agency; Methodology & Technique of Transformational Bodywork.
The curriculum of this seminar will embrace: advanced manipulations of muscular armament; contemplations of the undefended life; respiratory secrets; creative movement and the understandings of the dynamic tension between shadow, emotion and light..."

I don't think I've been this excited about a course in literally my ENTIRE life.

Two years ago I read Fred Mitouer's book "Wounds into Blessings". While reading the book, I started to notice certain things activating in my body that I had zero explanation for.

With focused attention, I was helping people remove some gnarly energetic blocks stuck in their bodies during coaching sessions.

Clients who were plagued by physical pain weren't just having their pain relieved, they were literally operating differently in their lives after our sessions together. They were no longer stuck in old belief systems that weren't serving them.

I started to begin to feel a little like Rogue from X-Men (without the part where other people risk dying, obviously): touching certain people felt like a game of Russian Roulette, sometimes ending with me needing emergency epsom salts baths, as my body learned how to build energetic boundaries and calibrate this newfound gift.

Two years later I've got a much better command of what's going on, and by "coincidence" Fred is finally leading a workshop for people who don't have previous bodywork training after years of only working with trained massage therapists. I landed in LA and within 12 hours I had learned about it "by accident" and signed up.

Sometimes you have no idea why you're called to a place. It may make zero sense. And in those cases, our work is not to scrutinize and make sense of things.

Our work is to surrender, say yes, and go.