The elusion of success.

Photo by  Matias Dubini  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matias Dubini on Unsplash

Success will continue to elude you until you can clearly define what it looks like.

We are often celebrated for our abstract and advanced language, and our forgiving and flexible nature. Especially as women.

But what we don't realize, is that our lack of clarity is stagnating our growth, stunting our leadership, and ultimately, keeping us from being present in our decision-making.

Success is not an externally-defined factor. Recognition for our talents and achievements from our colleagues, family, and community does not necessarily equal success. This is why so many high-performing, high-achieving leaders ultimately seek out coaching: because they got the title, the car, the house, the income, and yet, they continue to feel unfulfilled. Success as society defines it is more often than not the proverbial hungry ghost.

When we define success for ourselves, based on how we want to feel, we not only allow ourselves an opportunity to constantly evaluate whether our choices are leading us toward that benchmark, or away from it, but we also bring MEANING into our daily lives.