Your truth feels incredible.

Image courtesy of Matheus Bertelli.

Image courtesy of Matheus Bertelli.

Learning to speak your truth is equal in measure of difficulty to learning how to not lie. And completely related.


One of the most common coping mechanisms out there - which is totally endorsed by society - is lying.

And when I say lying, I mean flat out bold faced lying, withholding, niceties, agreeing to things you don't actually want to do, being politically correct, and generally anything else that is bathed with the intention of protecting someone else's feelings.

You are not doing anyone a favor when you do this. In fact, you're doing them - and yourself - a disservice.


Some of the greatest work you could ever do is learning how to CLEANLY speak your truth (notice how I didn't say *the* truth).

And in that vein, some of the other greatest work you could ever do is learning to stay connected in the face of revealing your truth, or receiving someone else's.


Because when it's clean; when it's not shrouded in your own insecurities and judgments and fears, and it's not someone else's truth that you've unconsciously adopted, and when you stay connected to yourself while living it...

The truth feels fucking incredible.