Why Shiny Object Syndrome is evidence of your genius.

Photo by    Berkay Gumustekin    on    Unsplash

You know that meme of a dog going about his business when all of the sudden he shifts gears into pure JOY when he sees a squirrel and proceeds to goes bananas over it?


Have you ever had that experience before? Maybe you've been in some major fit of turmoil and depression and then something funny happens and you can't help but laugh hysterically (perhaps to the point of tears)? And suddenly you feel a little reprieve from your suffering?

Did you know that your capacity to shift on a dime like that means you are brilliant and that your brain is elastic enough to dramatically change your life in a hot millisecond, transcending all the suffering you're experiencing?

Woah. I know. Back up Antesa. You're saying I can WHAT?

I'm saying that if you have ever in your life experienced something like Shiny Object Syndrome, that means you're a genius (!!!) and rapid change is literally at your fingertips.

Get outta town and shut the front door.

I'm dead serious.

What that means is that merely by suggestion (of a squirrel, or a cat video on facebook, or the realization that this is all one big cosmic joke), you can change your entire life immediately.

This is why things like hypnosis and theta healing and family constellation and TRE and EMDR therapies and plant medicine ceremonies work so inexplicably quickly for so many.

The fact that all of us can flip on a dime when we see something that fascinates us tells us that we are ALL capable of a quick pivot.

All. Of. Us.

Exponential leaps are literally readily available for you to claim at any moment.

And so the question is not: what are you capable of?

The question is: where is your current environment (belief systems, physical environment, social network & connections, lifestyle) set up to pivot you BACK into the thing that's not working for you?

Because if you can pivot in one direction, you can pivot back in the opposite direction too.

Where Shiny Object Syndrome can get pretty disorienting is when we make big leaps forward because we're suggestible and our brains are elastic, but then everything else in our life outside of that isolated context immediately reconditions us back to where we were.

I could spend an hour a day every day for a whole year giving you access to powerful truths that would set your whole life on fire.

But if nothing in your life is set up for you to receive those truths and immediately integrate them into your life, you will quickly end up on a yo-yo ride of you leaping forward and then catapulting backward again.

This is where coaching acts as a powerful and essential foundation to rapid change healing, state change, and suggestive tools. Because while coaching can and often does involve a lot of suggestion and truth bombs that have the capacity to neurologically rewire your brain immediately, what a good coach really does is ensures you have the necessary foundation to actually RECEIVE the truth and implement it into your life. In my case I teach my clients that golden nugget early on in our work together so that when I start dropping truth bombs, they can actually do something with them.

Are you interested in setting your life up for you to lift of and make massive exponential change in a very short period of time? You can inquire about setting up a complimentary discovery call to learn about how that might work in your life by clicking here.