It's time to share your gifts with the world.

Are you a responder?

Do you tend to amass large quantities of information and experience about things and then struggle to evoke them on demand?

You know you know a lot, but can only seem to access it contextually, when someone else asks a question, or you find yourself in an environment where all the sudden everything you know has instantaneous value and people wonder where you came from?

And so you find yourself sitting, waiting, perhaps impatiently, to be discovered. Hoping, praying, for a chance to share your gifts with the world.

I was doing some embodiment work with a mentor last year, and, over dinner, I was telling him about the time I babysat for the French president's son. He said to me: "Antesa, you have such a varied and rich life. Why don't you share more of this?"

My response? "I guess it just hasn't come up in conversation."

Hilariously, at the time I actually blamed Denmark. Life in monotony lacks diversity, and so I've curbed my more eccentric stories in order to fit in.

Here's the truth:

I'm a voracious learner and an experience junky. In my 36 years I've lived at least twice as many lives, some awfully traumatic, some ecstatically wonderful, and everything in between. It's something I'm deeply proud of, and why I can truly call myself a life coach even though I actually don't because the term is so over-used and misunderstood.

And yet, a huge part of my genius, the wealth and richness of these lives and the experiences that came from them and the learning and knowledge I've gained along the way, has often remained buried.

It's compelling to convince myself that maybe I don't know what part of my story to share, because there are so many parts. Which one should I lead with???

Sound familiar?

Well. Today, I'm calling bullshit on that.

You. Yes, YOU. You have a story. You have experiences and you have powerful knowledge and you have things to share with the world and you don't need fucking context. You don't need an invitation. You don't need to be discovered. You don't even need to pay someone else to give you access to their contacts!

Find a platform. Create a platform. Share your gifts. Make the space. That's no one else's job but your own. Use your connections and claim your rightful spot on the planet, as a human who has value to share. The world needs your voice. Right now. Go.