You are worth it.

Image courtesy of  Snapwire .

Image courtesy of Snapwire.

Let's talk about self worth.

Believing in yourself is not inherently egotistical. Believing you are worthy of investment in yourself is not selfish. Believing that you are brilliant and capable and talented and good at what you do does not make you a bad or wrong person. It does not mean you aren't humble, and it doesn't mean that you are less connected to god.

Taking ownership of the positive impact you have on the world is your responsibility, just as much as taking ownership of where you fucked up is.

In the personal growth world, there is this notion that as a spiritual person you can't also have self worth. That being confident about the work you've done to have that very connection to god that guides you is worth nothing. That you would be out of integrity to charge money for the brilliance you've gained access to by working your ass off to remove the layers that were standing in the way.

That somehow this is god's brilliance, not yours.

I call bullshit on that nonsense.

Self worth means you have the capacity for self recognition. It means you SEE yourself for who you actually are: BRILLIANT and DIVINE. It means you put value on how you show up in the world. On your time. On your attention. On what you have to offer the world as a unique and special entity that could only possibly ever come from you.

This doesn't mean you're taking away from anyone else. This doesn't mean you think you're better than anyone else. True self worth is not a competition where you act superior to avoid vulnerability. When we are fully aligned in our self worth we are the MOST connected to god.

We live in an abundant world where we know that sort of thing isn't possible. In the abundant world that is reality, there is no competition. Me believing in myself and having self worth does not mean you need to worship me, make space for me, diminish yourself, or belittle me in order to feel better about yourself. It means you have an opportunity. We *all* have an opportunity to stand tall together here.

This is one of the biggest road blocks people encounter in the world of personal development. And I want you to know: no matter who told you or implied to you that you weren't worth it: YOU ARE WORTH IT.

And I can tell you that over and over and over again. You aren't going to believe me until you do your own work to actually believe it for yourself, just like I couldn't believe you until I believed it myself. Because that's how it works. That's how we are designed.