Recognize yourself.


You know what excites me the most?

Realizing how everything - LITERALLY EVERYTHING - I see and experience in the world is a reflection of ME.

Like. Sure, this may seem super intimidating to try on for size. Sure, it'd be a whole lot easier to think that coincidences abound and there is zero connection to my experience of a green garbage can and my interior world.

But you guys, THERE IS A HUGE FUCKING CONNECTION. Literally everything we experience is a reflection of our own projection. Even something seemingly so insignificant as the color green.

When I really let that one land I cannot stop obsessing over how each unique individual moment is an opportunity to know myself better, so long as I'm willing to recognize and acknowledge that simple fact.

Try this on today. Go out into the world and pay attention to what you notice. What grabs your attention? How do you feel about it? What arises? What do you either adore or celebrate or judge or refute in that experience or that thing or person or place?

And then ask yourself: What does that mean about who I am? What does that tell me about how I see myself?

We all know that where we judge others, we judge ourselves more severely. But did you know that what we recognize, adore, admire, and look up to in others are also actually breadcrumbs for that very exact thing existing in us.

My capacity to see brilliance in you is of course because you are brilliant, but it's also because I am brilliant.