Live purposefully to reveal your purpose.

Photo by    Samuel Zeller    on    Unsplash

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

I work with a lot of clients who are clear that they want to be doing something other than what they are currently doing professionally.

And they don't always know what that is. They work in X industry, are excellent at their job, but would rather be doing something more creative, be managing their own time, etc.

The main complaint I hear is that they do not feel like they are in their purpose.

Here's a secret: whatever you're doing right now, even if it's not what you wish you were doing, is a part of your purpose.

You're not NOT in your purpose just because you don't happen to like how it looks right now and wish it was some other way.

You have chosen what you're doing right now. You make a choice every day that you get in your car or on your bike and show up to the office. And you're still there because a part of you still has something to learn from that experience. And that learning will NO DOUBT benefit wherever it is that you're headed.

Everything in life has purpose. Your sense that you're somehow living outside of that is also a choice. Choose to live purposefully, and your true purpose will reveal itself when you're ready for it.