Access new dimensions by letting go of the outcome.

We all use external things to make us happy.

For example: string cheese brings me enormous amounts of joy.

Someday, I will learn to evoke that particular flavor of joy without the string cheese, but I'm not willing to go there yet.

The above is a perfect example of the complexities of life.

Much in the same way:

We use travel to escape and feel free.

We use facebook to feel connected and compare ourselves to others.

We use sports to feel resilient and strong.

We use music to feel emotion and express ourselves.

We use sex to feel attractive and worthy.

When we graduate beyond the "thing" and learn to cultivate the capacity for the pure sensation within ourselves, the dependency falls away and we're left with:







What follows is that we can access a whole other dimension of experience from the originating stimuli:

Travel becomes a journey into the depths of your consciousness.

Facebook becomes a portal through which you understand the intricacies of the subconscious mind.

Sports become a tangible and somatic parallel to how we grow and access flow spiritually.

Music becomes a pure source of creativity and composition.

Sex becomes an exploration into the oneness of humankind.

And string cheese just stays string cheese. But it's definitely still delicious.

Antesa Jensen