We need each other.

Photo by  Edward Cisneros  on  Unsplash

The Masculine:


The Feminine:


It's far too obvious that as women, we can embody elements of both poles. We've been doing it for a few generations now. In fact, we even have access to elements of the masculine in our own physical body via the rhythm and predictability of our menstrual cycles.

But while union of these traits is certainly possible in one person, we cannot potentiate the *outer* realms of either while attempting to hold both poles.

I cannot create from the depths of my divine feminine expression without the attention and space-holding of the divine masculine.

He cannot actualize and serve to the degree his masculine craves without the creation and inspiration required by the full expression of the divine feminine.

In layman's terms: we need each other. We are interdependent, perfectly incomplete and equally vital and valuable. Think: infinity symbol, yin yang, etc...

Our equalness is derived from our complementariness, not from us actually bringing the exact same things to the table.