Slow down. Get quiet. Listen.

Photo by    Kristina Flour    on    Unsplash

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

In order to hear your inner voice, your truth, your intuition, your knowing, you must be willing to slow down and get quiet and listen.

We don’t set up our lives to accommodate this essential practice.

Slow down.

Get quiet.


It’s really that simple, but the process of bringing this practice into mastery requires an incredible level of discipline.

It’s torturous to slow down for most of us. We must contest with everything our mind tells us about what that means: “I’ll never catch back up again.” “I’ll be run over.” “I’ll be taken advantage of." “I’ll fail.”

To remove the noise from our life and get quiet means to assume our own personal power and to claim it. New mantra to replace the noise: “To afford myself the sort of peace that makes space for my quietest voice to be heard is to love myself wholly.”

To listen is to let go of control. It’s a willingness to hear whatever comes up, and to receive that thing, face it, and acknowledge it as true. You may not like what you hear, and yet, that is the whole point of growth.

Once you can master the art of receiving your full self by slowing down, getting quiet, and listening, even to the scraggly edges your mind really wants to judge, you’ll be well on your way.