Be a better human being.

Image courtesy of  Stokpic .

Image courtesy of Stokpic.

Entrepreneurial Pro-Tip (particularly valuable for coaches):

Instead of spending all that energy trying to create the perfect marketing funnel so that you don't have to manually find leads, spend it on being a good human being, and on bettering yourself and growing.

While you're doing that (notice how I didn't say once you're done doing that), connect to other human beings. Let them feel you. Let them witness you emulating the thing(s) you have to offer the world that you and they both know they want. Be accessible. Let those experiences further shape your growth (aka: be open to feedback).

We all want connection, and yet we all keep leaning further and further toward isolation. When we create funnel products that enable us to stay isolated while facilitating potential clients continuing to be isolated as they consume those products, we're missing the point, and we're playing it safe.

Life does not exist in a vacuum. GROWTH HAPPENS BY ACTUALLY TAKING RISKS AND TAKING ACTION (both for you, and for your clients, and for everyone else).

If you have something you want to offer to the world, and you want to charge money for it, get out of your god damn comfort zone and go talk to people about it. Give them an opportunity to opt-in by making space for them to show up in person and by meeting them there. Give them an opportunity to feel something and be inspired enough to do something about it.

If you've set your life up with this idea that you can life-hack your way out of putting yourself out there, you aren't doing the work; you're explicitly avoiding it. Creating a product that enables isolation when the thing you're selling is connection is like coaching someone who believes they're incapable as though they're incapable when your only job is to believe in their capability.

As the saying goes, be the change you want to see in the world.