Our preferences are disconnecting us.

Photo by  Oscar Keys  on  Unsplash

Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

An example of where preferences get in the way of me experiencing connection:

When someone misuses "your" or "you're" or "their" "they're" or "there" or "were" or "we're" or spells it "tho" instead of "though" or gets lazy and writes "im" instead of "I'm" or misspells "judgment" or makes blanket statements that are factually incorrect or analogies that make zero sense, or basically any other area where ignorance, poor education, or laziness can easily be derived.

My drug of choice in those circumstances is vindication, self-righteousness, and other flavors of superiority.

All of this is birthed out of fear of being unprepared, fear of not-knowing, fear of being wrong.


Who suffers when I'm living in these preferences, and ultimately, fears?

Me. (and probably also the people I'm judging)


One could argue that I don't even suffer, because then I get to spend more quality time with people who know how to spell and make proper use of grammar, and who are well-educated global citizens, which is wayyyyyy more comfortable for me.

But I also don't get stretched, grow, or get to connect with people who are otherwise perfectly lovely divine human beings who, in our connection, could really bring something into my realm of consciousness that *I never even knew existed* because it was so far outside of my perspective.


MORE IMPORTANTLY (most importantly), I do not want to be a woman whom people fear making mistakes around.


It's really mind-numbingly easy to find reasons to not connect with people.

So what if instead we only looked for reasons to connect?


Where do your preferences get in the way of connection?

How does this relate to you and your relationship with the political party you abhor?

How does this relate to your dating life?

How does this relate to your relationship with your mother/father/siblings?

How is this keeping you from being the person you want to be in the world?