Humility in her births integrity in him.

Do you experience your man as not having his shit together, being out of integrity, or otherwise not being good enough?

Did you know that if you're feeling those things, it's likely you experience yourself as better than him?

Did you know that if you feel like you're better than your partner, that you're most definitely not being humble?

Did you know that your humility is the very thing that will invite him into integrity, deeper levels of truth, and leave him feeling inspired to get his shit together?

Did you know you had that much power?

But here's the best part: him getting his shit together (should that truly be the thing he wants and needs) can take on many forms as it comes into its fullest expression.

And perhaps the most potent of those forms is the moment he feels permission to live in his fullest expression of truth in your presence.

When he knows you can destroy him, and trusts you not to, he'll show up knowing he can destroy you with his truth, and also choose not to. Not by withholding the truth, but by delivering it with an enormous amount of love.

Or otherwise put: he will also get humble with his own power.

And this is where your man becomes a catalyst for your healing, too. Because chances are very likely that embedded in his loving truth are clues leading you to your deeper work. Shit that's been buried so far down in your unconscious mind that you would never even know it was there without him.

(and here you thought you were the one offering all the juice in the relationship and getting nothing back.)

This is the extraordinary potential value he has to you in your life, and it becomes available precisely in the moment you're busy thinking he's not cutting it.

But you only get access to this value by getting humble, first.

Are you a man who has this experience with women and hasn’t known how to put it to words, or better yet, how to do something about it so that you can actually thrive and love your partner wholly? I work with men on building the muscles needed to show up fully in relationship in a way that is deeply honoring of who they are at their core, and I’d love to talk to you about what coaching together might look like. You can inquire to learn more about my services here.