How to learn to trust your gut.

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How to learn to trust your gut/intuition/heart/god/your inner voice:

1. Listen to what it's telling you
2. Act on what you hear
3. Trust that what happens is the exact right thing
4. Rinse and repeat until you've honed it (aka: forever)

Variations on the above that ultimately royally fuck it all up:

1.2. Pretending you didn't hear what your gut was saying
1.3. Flat out ignoring it
1.6. Experiencing resentment because you KNEW better but for whatever reason you acted like you didn't
1.7. Projecting said resentment out into the world
1.8. Letting someone else tell you what to do
1.9. Deciding to do the opposite thing than what your gut is saying because it's nicer/requires less confrontation/easier/less expensive/protects another person from having to handle the truth/protects you from their reactivity
2.3. Acting on what you hear with any sliver of reactive behavior (defiance, justification, self-righteousness, defense, assumptions of negative intent, needing to be right, feeling wrong)
2.7. Bracing for impact and pre-emptively getting defensive
2.9. Being generally unaware of what your specific reactive behavior looks or feels like
3.1. Constantly doubting everything
3.2. Worrying that you did it wrong and immediately trying to make it right by compromising on your own needs
3.5. Panicking that someone else's feelings are hurt
3.6. Refusing to take responsibility for what you want in your life by giving your power to whoever gets tripped up by your honesty and your attempts to honor your truth
3.7. Changing everything in your life to live in complete avoidance of human intimacy to compensate for an overwhelming lack of trust
4.1. Buying into the guise that this only ever needs to be perfected once and then you'll never have to look at it ever again
4.2. Telling yourself that you're a failure if you do have to look at it again
4.3. Not seeing all of this as a giant learning opportunity
4.5. Forgetting that this is all a practice