Learning what it means to be a woman.

Photo by  Pete Bellis  on  Unsplash

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


If you're looking for a place to channel your repressed anger, to transmute it into its positive form - passion - and to use it for the greater good of yourselves, your feminine power, and for human kind as a whole, channel it here:

The days of righteous and justified feminism are over. We get nowhere so long as we blame men for our misfortunes, or worse, give up on them entirely. This is effectively like beating a dead horse.

Instead, consider this:


We are kidding ourselves if we think otherwise, and we are committing soul suicide AND genocide in our attempts to be independent in defiance of our apathy toward the masculine.

Channeling our anger toward independence from the masculine is like channeling our anger toward disconnection (or more graphically, like cutting off your own limbs). The results are tragic and heartbreaking, and if you really look, you'll see ample evidence of a few decades of that way of relating all around you. And it's pretty obviously not working.

We are dissatisfied. Unhappy. EXHAUSTED. Sensually deprived. Disconnected from our true divine feminine power. OVERWHELMED by this life we think we're supposed to be living - the life our mother's fought for us to have.

It's total bullshit. This is not it. This is not where it stops. This is where it begins.

And it starts with us. Not with men.

We cannot teach men how to be men and how to partner with us if we don't first know how to be women and partner with ourselves.

That means:

We need to know how we feel, independent of how other people feel.

We need to know how we like to be touched.

We need to know how to ask for help.

We need to know how to empower one another without feeling diminished (and that includes with other women).

We need to know how to say no, so that our yes actually has meaning and value.

We need to be willing to share our full selves *no matter what.* <= not a joke, and probably the hardest thing to do.


Direct your ferocity, your anger, your rage here ^^^. Toward knowing unequivocally who YOU are, toward keeping your heart wide open, so that you can allow other people to know you, too.

So long as we continue to avoid that by pointing out what men (or other women) are doing wrong, WE ALL LOSE.


Men cannot possibly learn how to rise up and meet us where we want to be met if we don't show them how by treating them the way we so desperately want to be treated. This is not about dragging them along with us, or cutting them off. It's about enrolling them to partner with us.

If we constantly castrate men for being wrong and bad and dangerous and harmful, we are implicitly teaching them a lack of empathy, when what we really want from them is unconditional empathy. No fucking wonder we aren't getting it back!


We've got some serious healing to do. It's going to be painful (as healing always is), but I assure you, it will be worth it.

Who's ready to wake up from this nightmare we've created for ourselves, quit all the unnecessary suffering, and start to live a much more deeply satiating and connected life?