Feel your way to healing.

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Our feelings serve as our memory.

The brain does not hold memory like a computer. The body holds memory, and the brain conceptualizes that feeling by cue and association, in order to help us cope with the sensation associated with it.

When we are attempting to heal things we are unconscious to, we must allow ourselves to feel in the present moment whatever it is that we are feeling.

If, instead, we refuse to feel it until we understand it - until we have a reason or a memory that gives us justification for the feeling - we end up chasing after an unattainable phantom, and all the while, avoiding healing.

Often the unconscious event being healed is underneath the feeling, not on top of it. Particularly in instances where trauma is preverbal. What we remember cognitively today is 5% of the picture. The other 95% can only be accessible through feeling.

More often than not, it’s in letting ourselves fully experience a feeling in the present moment, without judgment or agenda, that releases the memory from its prison cell in our buried wounds. It is then AFTER we have experienced all that that we eventually gain understanding, and thus, further our self-awareness.