It all boils down to experience.

Imagine courtesy of Sebastian Voortman.

Imagine courtesy of Sebastian Voortman.

My friend Kristy Arnett has this incredible podcast called WTF am I doing with my Life? (If you haven't followed it yet, I recommend you do that now).

At the beginning of each podcast she asks her guests what their WTF moment was.

I'm listening to her interview with Relationship Expert Marla Mattenson (who by the way is the bomb) and Kristy points to a thing that is SUPER POTENT if you can hear it.

Most people who are doing incredible things with their lives have had a WTF am I doing with my life? moment.

In fact, most of them have had MANY. And so every time Kristy asks her guests this we all sort of knowingly chuckle as if to say "which one?"

Marla shared a story about an almost deadly car accident in the Topanga Canyon.

I talked about an existential crisis I had while traveling through the border of Peru and Bolivia.

All of these moments boil down to EXPERIENCE.

Very rarely do you hear a story of "so I was surfing my Facebook timeline comparing myself to my friends and what followed was a total awakening."

You can't do great things by doing nothing.

Thinking about doing great things is only thinking about them.

Take action.
Leave your home.
Leave your country.
Break rules.
Take risks.
Be radically honest.
Find your edge.
Experience life.


Antesa Jensen