Empathy is dangerous.

Photo by    Darius Bashar    on    Unsplash

Empathy is extremely important, but it’s also dangerous.


Because developing empathy alone results in a person feeling a lot.

Without the necessary tools that go along with being a feeler or HSP or empathic or awakened, not only does this person discover that life feels ever so very completely overwhelming, but they also can grow into becoming highly manipulative so as to temper the sensory input of this newfound gift.

This is why it's largely irresponsible to haphazardly chase awakening through any means possible without proper integrative support in place, and it's also why there are so many covertly dysfunctional people running spiritual cults the world over.

To no fault of their own, if you open to receive the massive amounts of sensory feedback that exist in the world, and you don't also develop the muscles of discernment, boundaries, and most importantly, compassion, it's not just easy, but COMPELLING energetically (see Free Energy Principle in Neuroscience), to err on the side of using this newfound power irresponsibly to control others (without even realizing it!). It can easily and convincingly be justified as boundaries or superiority or "doing the work" and actively is in so many spiritual schools. This is where spiritual bypass does its shadiest work.

The subtle body is not to be fucked around with. Shortcuts are almost always dangerous unless deliberate integrative work is included in tandem.

Empathy is extraordinarily powerful, and with power comes ENORMOUS responsibility.

If you are a person who considers yourself to be sensitive, it can be helpful to consider whether that means you expect others to accommodate your sensitivity (in any way), or whether you feel required to isolate yourself from human connection in order to protect yourself. Both of these conclusions are often evidence of healing work that still needs to be done.

Refinement and calibration is not just possible; it's necessary in order for your gift to be fully alchemized.

Do you want to develop the neurological resilience to better filter sensory input so that you can use your empathic ability to have a massive impact on the world? I work with my clients on building their capacity to feel more without being derailed by it and would love to chat with you about what that might look like in the context of your life. Reach out and let’s talk about what’s possible.