No, I don't plan to scale my business.

Photo by    Jeremy Bishop    on    Unsplash

"How do you intend to scale your business, Antesa?"

I get asked this question a lot.

My answer is simple: I don't.

I believe the idea that a business is only viable once it's scalable is an outdated way of thinking that excludes some really important principles of physics about how things actually grow, how impact actually happens, and how trends actually spread.

Sure, the more people I touch, the more impact I could have.

But also, the more I refine, the more I calibrate, the more I attune...the more potent my message is, and the more people I reach with that message using less effort.

My entire business is founded on that principle. This is what I do in my own personal practice, and this is what I teach to my clients.

You don't need to scale when you're energetically efficient (unless of course you really want to build a massive empire and have world domination, but even then...).

And so in my eyes, the answer is not necessarily to be bigger, it's to be more holistically precise and focused. Bigger is only really necessary if you're sloppy and don't want to put attention on precision and look where it really matters: at yourself. Because if you're sloppy and avoidant, but you're big and have shitloads of cash, it really does just come down to a numbers game. Eventually some schmuck will buy what you're trying to sell.

And if you're into measurable data and numbers games, cool. I'm just not. I think what matters can't yet be measured and I don't look at ROI as a two way transaction.

Frankly, my experience is that most people are tired and worn out of that way of running business anyway. It lacks authenticity and is estranging us from ourselves in a time where we deeply yearn to get reconnected.

So no, I don't intend to scale. I also don't intend to retire. I don't intend to eventually reach some golden period of my life where I can stop doing what I do because I love what I do so much that to stop doing it would be robbing my soul of its deepest fulfillment. And choosing to do so would also rob the people I love to work with of their opportunity to create the same in their lives with me. And that makes absolutely zero sense to me.

Are you interested in running a non-scalable business with pride, or training your team on how to have a real impact without launching an exhausting global initiative? I’d love to hear from you and talk about what our work together might look like.