Your desire is not dangerous.

Image courtesy of  Free Stock Pro .

Image courtesy of Free Stock Pro.

Ladies (hi again!).

When we say we feel diminished, small, and like there is not enough space for us to be all the way out, we are promoting the notion that love and attention are scarce resources that must be competed for.

When we shut down our desire in order to protect others from feeling hurt, sad, betrayed, unconsidered, unsafe, not only are we are not taking responsibility for our desire, we are acting as an accomplice in their spiritual bypass.

When we feel threatened and defeated by the overarching desire of another woman, we are creating disconnection with the very person who may be best suited to empower and back us.

For every woman that we label self-serving and unworthy of connection because she's in her full expression of her desire, we further embed that story about ourself.

No one can make you feel small, defeated, or diminish you or your desire. Only you can do that to you.

Lean in. Let it out. Take the risk to show up as your full self, in your full desire, so that you know, unequivocally, that it's yours, belongs to you, and that it is RIGHT and GOOD (and magnetizing, influential, sexy, and powerful).

Your desire is not dangerous. YOU are not dangerous.