Your denial is destroying the planet.

Photo by    Bryan Minear    on    Unsplash

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

I believe humans are nature.

I also know that as winter turns to spring and leaves fall and flowers bloom, that nature is constantly in flux.

I believe that, as humans, the only constant in life is change.

Transformation is our birthright. It is our essence. It is who we are.

To be out of alignment with this reality causes destruction in our bodies and in our spirits.

But it also causes destruction on the planet, which is an extension of us.

It's heartbreaking for me to witness.

What I'm doing about it may sound backward to some. Sure, I've done some external things like adjusted to a plant-based diet and am using canvas bags for grocery shopping, and I ride my bike everywhere, and limit the length of my showers.

But the biggest work I'm doing toward healing the planet is my inner work. Because the more in alignment *I* am, the more I serve as embodied permission for others to be in alignment. And as the earth is desperately calling for us to come back into integrity, this is what fuels me most. Because we ARE the earth. And we need to quit fucking around and pretending we're not. When we as a collective are out of integrity, the planet will reflect that. It's kind of a no-brainer.

As an extension of this, I'm going to Gabon in two weeks to work and train with one of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers of the world who have taken deep concern with the state of affairs of the earth. They have devoted their lives to bringing humans back to nature.

Do you ever wonder how you can make an impact? Like, what can I, a measly human, do to keep the planet from imploding? It doesn't have to be the grandiose gesture you think it needs to be. It can start with you. It can start with something tiny like asking yourself where you're out of integrity in your own life and choosing to do something different. Because the more in alignment you are, the less energy the earth needs to spend to fill the gap.

Do you feel like you might be out of integrity somewhere, but aren’t really sure where or how? Perhaps something just feels off and because you don’t know what it is, you’ve just been trying to ignore it? I work with clients all over the world in coming back into alignment with themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you’d like to learn more about what it would be like to work together, you can reach out here.