What's your currency?

Photo by    Kat Yukawa    on    Unsplash

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

Ah…the end of the financial industry. We all know it's coming, and it's a big void of the unknown until that moment arises.

Companies are already preparing for a transition into a new industry that doesn't even exist yet, scrambling to digitalize as fast as possible in the meantime so they aren't the first to "die".

Here's my view:

Currency as we know it is changing. It's out of alignment with nature to have "debt" and to "lend" -- literally nowhere in nature does this model exist -- and this reality is quickly coming to a head as technology rapidly grows, faster than we even realize is happening.

This video does an excellent job of demonstrating just how extreme this shift could be:

All jokes aside, imagine if we discovered a form of (or multiple, varied, forms of) currency that was not limited? That is where I think we are heading, and this video is thus not all too far from the truth.

However, I think it goes much deeper than the "action" of a kiss.

When building a business and identifying your products and your target audience, one of the things you MUST consider if you want to be successful, is what you have to offer (your gift/currency) that the people you want to work with cannot easily access.

There are plenty of things that "money can't buy" and most notably, they are intangible things that have enormous value.









These are things that can only be grown from within, and they are also powerful forms of currency, or value.

Think about it: you are more likely to value a person who has these traits than you are a person who does not. They will be more credible, they will be more trustworthy, and they will likely also have a significant amount more influence in an era where human connection drives the way we do business.

I anticipate the day where upon meeting someone, we no longer examine their title to determine their worth, but rather, what other forms of intangible currency they have ready access to. This is what I call inner-wealth, and it is abundant and opulent.

In this era, wealth on the inside will more universally be mirrored with wealth on the outside (and the opposite will also be true).