Choose love, not fear.

Photo by    Jade    on    Unsplash

Photo by Jade on Unsplash

When we are operating in fear, we will use the power of our intellect to find all supporting evidence we need to validate the fear.

Things that are going wrong or not like we wanted them to be.

People who are ruining our day.

That guy who just cut us off on our commute to the job we don't love.

Not making the money we really want to be earning.

Missing the train and cursing the transit authority for their poor job at managing mass transit during rush hour (this was my all time favorite "excuse" for my sour mood back when I lived in New York).

Incidentally, we do the exact same thing when we are operating in love. When we choose love, we find evidence of it everywhere.

The mind, no matter what, will always be looking for evidence to validate our reality.

The power we have as individuals is to choose whether fear or love is driving the car of our minds.

I like to ask: which one makes you feel BETTER/HOPEFUL/INSPIRED and which one has you feel like utter garbage about your life?

Generally it's a rhetorical question because I think most people want to feel good. Even the ones who SAY they don't. They just don't think it's possible to feel good yet.

The choice lies with you. Only always.

So what do you choose?