Change starts with one person.

Image courtesy of  Pixabay .

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Imagine you were on a plane and the flight attendant came onto the overhead speaker and said "There's a 21% chance that we are going to crash before we land at our final destination."

What would you do?

Would you get on the phone and call your loved ones, saying one final goodbye?

Would you take a nap and hope the odds are in your favor?

Would you stuff yourself with airplane food?

Would you watch a movie?

Would you get drunk?

Would you seize the moment and finally join the Mile High Club with the hot guy/girl sitting next to you?


How do you feel right now?

Panic? Grim? Numb? Unimpacted? Inspired? Desperate?


The good news is, we're not on a plane. We aren't going to crash.

But our land is burning. Our streets are flooding. Our political infrastructure is rotting at the roots. Unlike the course of Irma, there is no predicting what this will lead to, or how long it will last.


How will you choose to live?


Change doesn't have to be a massive grandiose gesture. It doesn't need to look like a riot or a sit-in or a protest or a lock-down. It doesn't need to have hundreds of thousands of people in its first iteration in order for it to stick.

It starts with one person.

Will it be you?

Antesa Jensen