AI is taking over your industry.


It's only a matter of time before AI takes over your industry.

I find myself wondering this morning which industries will successfully transition with the rise of technology, and which ones will go extinct.

Legal and financial services especially are at high risk, gripping onto old school ways of operating that simply will not stay competitive once AI becomes the norm.

We grip onto these old school ways of operating because our entire sense of security lies in our ability to intellectualize, our ability to "do" and how much "output" we can generate.

Contrary to popular belief, we as humans are not "in competition" with robots. However, so long as we perceive this advancement in technology to be a threat on our skillset, we will never rise to our true potential.

For the past couple centuries, there has been a focus on developing the mind to do jobs that computers can do, and at the same time, there has been little and, sadly, even decreasing attention on the skills that make us human: our capacity to create, to innovate, to practice judgment, to connect, to give meaning and purpose to the world.

What is your organization doing to help you cultivate your innate human skills?