—  In all your ferocity, don't forget to love, and love well.

Equal parts edge-seeker, mindset-disrupter, and thought-provoker, Antesa's magnetic and deeply rooted energy brings about the sort of transformation that not only sustains itself, but perpetuates continued growth. 


Someone recently asked me what I care the most about. What a huge question. Where to start? How to bottomline the life force that propels you forward minute by minute, day after day?

(That process in and of itself is an excellent exercise in potency, and in the value of semantics, two things that hit close to home.)

But the bottom line for me is easy: I care the most about knowing myself wholly, and having that knowing enables me to be a more authentic version of myself every single day. 

To me, this is what leadership is. This is what is necessary for us to truly change the world. This is all that matters. 

I believe that if we all are wholly ourselves, all the time, open and receptive to connection, growth, and transformation - in real time - that we'd be onto something pretty powerful. 

This is what I teach. 

Another thing that matters to me is what we do with this knowing. How we use this level of self-awareness and self-worth to be of service to the world. How the tools we've gained can be used to perpetuate completely sustainable upward growth.

I teach leaders, influencers, and trailblazers how to hone their craft. 

I don't have a funnel. I don't have a fancy PDF you can download that may or may not inspire you, and I don't have clickbait links to webinars where you have to submit your credit card details in order to get access to my knowledge. My marketing strategy is me, and my clients. I do the work, they do the work, and the transformation we all get from that work shares a message to the world: it's possible. 

That's all I want you to know.